10 February, 2019

Trusted Paid Survey Sites to Make Money Online in India

Making money online is a tricky affair. That’s how I see it. And yes, this stance of mine is right to an extent. Because, there are so m... thumbnail 1 summary
Making money online is a tricky affair. That’s how I see it. And yes, this stance of mine is right to an extent. Because, there are so many fraud schemes and scams out there. This field is heavily infested by fraudsters. When laymen try to make money online, they often fall prey to such practices. Here, we will talks about survey sites, which are genuine. And the trusted ones that really pays money for knowing our opinion.

The problem with making money online is that many folks are not well used to this field. The same is the case with survey sites. Many folks, who make use of such sites to make money do it wrong. They make use of the wrong websites, which are nothing but scam filled ones.
First of all, one just can’t make huge amount of money from one survey site. Okay, a decent sum can be made, but that happens when one makes use of a good survey site consistently. There is nothing like ‘get rich quick’ scheme, when it comes to such sites.
Secondly, it is always recommended that you do a bit of research about the survey site on Google. Check if the site has been garnering positive or negative review. There are many sites that allow users to write reviews about such sites. There are sites that tell whether such schemes are scam or legit. So, before you jump in, make sure that the site is a legit one.
Joining multiple sites also helps. I told you earlier that it is not possible to earn large sums of money by joining just one survey site and taking surveys. You may join more than a single site. It is quite easy to work simultaneously across different sites and earn some extra money! Thus, if possible, go on and join extra sites, depending on the amount of time that you can spare.
Another handy tip is regarding the payment mode of these survey sites. It is not necessary that all survey sites pay you cash. In fact, many genuine survey sites pays its users discount coupons, cash vouchers, mobile recharges etc. I personally used some such survey sites and got mobile recharges!
Okay, now let’s leave the tips and suggestions part aside. Let me introduce to you some legit, trusted sites, which allows you to take part in their surveys and pays you for it. These sites, in return of your opinions, pay you money, cash vouchers, discount coupons, mobile recharges etc. Note that I’ve listed very few sites here. But these few sites will suffice your needs. They are trusted and legit, I repeat! Join more than one to increase your earnings.



It is a site that is trusted and used by many. Actually, Panel Place is like a paid survey market place. It is a platform, where users and survey sites/companies meet. You just need to register at this site. From then onward, they’ll recommend you different trusted survey sites and their campaigns. You may or may not join them. That’s up to you!
Using panel place is very easy. The site is neat and clean. If it is some proof that you want, then you may check the ‘Payment Proofs’ and ‘Testimonials’ section on their site.
You may join using your Facebook id. Thus, registering there is very easy. Once you register and verify your e mail id, half the task is done!
After that, Panel Place will send you mails containing information related to various paid surveys, undertaken by different companies and sites. They are trusted ones, otherwise they won’t have got accepted at Panel Place!
In short, it is a very useful platform, which will help you get more and more paid surveys! Do give it a try.


Like Panel Place, this too is a site that helps you find survey sites and campaigns. The site can be found at surveycompare.net.
Once you register and verify your e mail id, half the task is done. Next step is to go through the mails that they send to you.
The mails carry information regarding various paid survey sites and their campaigns. It is up to you to select the campaign that suits you the best and make use of it. You may choose more than one site and make more money!


A very trusted site that offers vouchers. You may use these vouchers at online stores. You also have an option to refer your friends to this site and earn some more money!
They also have a mobile app. This makes it very easy for user to take surveys on the go and earn some extra money even while they are way from home!
Get started by registering at their site and verifying your e mail address. Then you have to set your preferences so that they provide you with appropriate surveys.


Global Test Market pays you cash for taking and completing surveys. But, the payment mode is that of a cheque. Like Valued Opinions, they too have a mobile app and referral scheme.
Registering is easy. You should set your interests, preferences, location etc, to get appropriate surveys sent to you. They also have an exciting prize draw, which is another mode of earning a decent amount of money.


Vivatic is not just a simple survey company. They have much more in store for you. They offer more modes through which you can make money online.
This trusted site allows you to make money online using modes like- completing paid surveys, opting for doing paid reviews, writing articles etc. Isn’t it cool? So many modes of making extra cash!
Upon completion of the task that you select, the payment made is cash, not gift vouchers. The payment is made via PayPal.


This site allows you to earn by completing surveys. Registering on this site is easy. You may also use your Facebook id to go for a quick registration.
On participating and completing surveys, you’ll be rewarded. You may also donate a part of your earning to charity causes. This is an interesting prospect, according to me.


It is a fun filled site that helps you earn money and gift vouchers by participating in polls and surveys. I haven’t tried it yet. But upon some research and looking around, I’ve got many positive reviews about it.
Users said that Toluna has an amazing user interface and is easy to use. Worth giving a try, based on the reviews that I got.
These are the top survey sites you should give a try. They are trusted ones and are legitimate. Making use of these genuine sites, you may earn a decent amount of money each month. Generally, surveys held online in India pay less, compared to surveys held of Western audience. Still, payments issued by the above mentioned survey sites is decent enough. Like I said, the more survey sites you join, the better your earnings will be. And remember, there is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme, when it comes to paid surveys. It is more like a source of extra income! credit apnaahangout.com