12 March, 2016

How to Make $1200 from Hostgator’s Affiliate Program

I have been an affiliate partner with Hostgator for more than four years now. Every month I make around $1200 from  Hostgator’s affil... thumbnail 1 summary

I have been an affiliate partner with Hostgator for more than four years now. Every month I make around $1200 from Hostgator’s affiliate program. If you are new to Hostgator, you should check out our Hostgator review.

Hostgator offers unlimited hosting with quality customer support, and being a user of Hostgator myself, I have no hesitation referring someone to Hostgator. Indeed, this is a win-win situation for me. I recommend one of the finest shared hosting services to people, and every successful referral makes a minimum of $50 for me.

Have you ever considered that instead of paying for hosting, you could make money from Hostgator’s hosting service?

Like most other hosting services, Hostgator offers an affiliate program.
Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator affiliate program Review:

Hostgator’s affiliate program is available to everyone, and you don’t even need to have a hosting account with Hostgator to sign up.

Check out Hostgator hosting

How to get started with Hostgator’s affiliate program:

Before we get into detail about Hostgator’s affiliate program, here is a quick report of proof of income from Hostgator’s affiliate program:
Hostgator Affiliate Earning
Signing up with Hostgator’s affiliate program is easy & their affiliate program is available via ImpactRadius. You can join it here.

Once you have signed up for Hostgator Affiliate program via ImpactRadius, it would take about 3-4 days before they will approve your application.
Generating Hostgator Affiliate link

Payment options
You can get paid by check, ACH or PayPal. For easy and quick payment, I would suggest using ACH or Paypal.
Hostgator Affiliate Payment option
Unlimited affiliate income
The best thing about the Hostgator affiliate program is the fact that they pay according to the number of referrals received. For example, based on the number of people you refer to Hostgator, you will be earning as follows:

9 * $75: $675
11* $100: $1100
21 *$125: $2625

So far, I have not faced any issues with Hostgator’s affiliate program on ImpactRadius, and I have been successfully running it for a year. At the time of the writing of this post, Hostgator has paid me a total of $12,000+, and another $4000 is unpaid. It has worked for me, and if you use the program properly, this hosting affiliate program will work for you, too.

Here are highlights of Hostgator Affiliate Program on ImpactRadius:
  • Payouts: Impact Radius gives you much more flexibility with frequency and date of payment. We will still process and lock transactions for payment on the 11th of the month but you now can get your payments on a specific day of the month OR when you hit a threshold.
  • Reporting: You will have much more detailed and insightful reporting on over 20 data points (ex: Invoice ID, Client ID, device, package type/term, domain, etc.). Additionally, you will have the ability to automate and download customized reports.
  • Tracking: Coupon codes and affiliate links will continue to be the main tracking methods but again with much more insights through improved reporting.
  • For custom coupon code you need to email Hostgator Affiliate team at affiliates@hostgator.com


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